Mission Statement

The Simone Gad Foundation is dedicated to preserving and expanding the artistic legacy and compassionate spirit of Simone Gad. A trained actress and self taught visual artist, Gad playfully interwove the profane worlds of Hollywood and pop culture with the sacrosanct world of high art to protest abuse of the vulnerable. Born into a Polish immigrant family devastated by the holocaust, and a survivor of sexual assault, Gad successfully transformed personal pain and historical trauma into an ecstatic celebration of life in the City of Angels. We seek to nurture those who, similarly empowered by art, turn fragility of circumstance into inspiration for us all.

The non-profit foundation was established in accordance with the artist’s wishes upon her death in 2021 to support the arts and artists. The foundation promotes and encourages an exploration of Gad’s unique career through educational initiatives, exhibitions, publications, institutional outreach and special projects. An emphasis is placed on supporting creative practitioners who have been unfairly overlooked or who have experienced debilitating challenges or setbacks in their careers due to systemic societal injustices, inherited legacies of generational trauma, and/or unexpected personal or financial crises. Assistance will be provided through career guidance, exhibition opportunities, grants, and a retreat program.

Finally, in conjunction with the One Institute at USC where the Simone Gad papers and ephemera are housed, the Foundation’s collection of artworks and media archives are available for institutional loans and scholarly research so that a deeper appreciation for Gad’s oeuvre may be cultivated.

The Simone Gad Foundation is 501 C3.



Airom Bleicher has been working with artists in Los Angeles area for the last 15 years. When first arriving to the city he noticed some amazing artists that were left out of the low brow and academic gallery divide at the time and took them under his wing. After moving to the commercial gallery arena for over a decade the foundation has become a haven to return to his passion for helping out artists that slip through the cracks and preserving the legacy of Simone Gad, who he curated 3 solo exhibitions for.

As president Airom is responsible for executing programs and directives of the foundation board and mission.

Contact Airom at: info@simonegadfoundation.org

After three decades as an East Hollywood Angeleno, artist Claudia Bucher now resides in the Yucca Valley area of the Southern California desert. She is known for her conceptual and durational performance installation work that often explores links between art, science and technology, the environment, mysticism, feminism, and science fiction. She has an MFA from Art Center College of Design. As a co-founder of the Simone Gad Foundation, she has taken on the duties of Secretary and Treasurer. She is currently transforming a desert property into a climate crisis sanctuary where she hopes to operate an artist and writer’s retreat, the Claud and Zypora House, in conjunction with the foundation.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Sean Meredith studied film at Emerson College in Boston. He is a partner and the director of Track 16 Gallery in Los Angeles. He has directed, produced and edited documentaries and features. In 2007 the film Dante’s Inferno, which he directed, was released. This feature film, which was a collaboration with artist Sandow Birk, played at over 30 film festivals, garnered five awards, and is part of the MoMA Film Archive. He is also an activist in Los Angeles for safe biking and walking.

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